Using Effective Goal Setting can boosts your motivation and encourages you to keep focusing on a positive future. Using the Described the following way to increase your chance of choosing and achieving goals that lead you for your better life.

(1) Be Specific in Goal Setting :
           People who set clear goals are very likely to succeed. So instead of nebulously vowing to improve your health this year, set goals that make what ‘healthy’ involves. For example, if you might decide to run four times a week, lose two stone, or set your daily salt consumption within a particular limit. It’s much easy to measure success and setbacks on the path to clearly defined goals.
(2) Boost Your Focus :
        Set up your perfect environment so that you are constantly reminded of your goals and your ability to achieve them. For example, if you are working towards a promotion you might put a note on the front door telling yourself that you will do a great job at work and can deal with any challenge that comes your way. Similarly, a visible list of your favorite personal qualities can help you in a quest to improve your confidence.

(3) Use Deadlines Wisely :
              Part of effectively goal setting involves putting realistic but challenging time frames in place. For example, your resolve may wane after a short amount of time if you decide that you will have learn a complicated new skill in just two weeks, as the futility of this goal will quickly become clear. On the other hand, setting an easy goal with a far-off deadline is unlikely to transform your life. You might find it helpful to break your main goal into smaller goals that have regular deadlines. The trick is to create a legitimate challenge without setting yourself up for an obvious fall.
(4) Make Yourself Accountable :
                 Make sure there is someone who can help you judge your progress and help get you back on track if your motivation dips. Obtaining accountability might involve asking for a sibling’s help, joining a club that focuses on the same goal, or enlisting a professional (such as a therapist, life coach or personal trainer). You are less likely to waver in your resolve if you need to answer to someone if you don’t take the necessary steps.
(5) Picture Success :
                Stay positive and don’t let yourself obsess over the possibility of failure. In fact, avoid imagining failure altogether. Instead, build up a vivid and realistic picture of yourself reaching your goals, and imagine enjoying all of the rewards that come with that success. Make a ritual of contemplating this picture every night before bed, and remind yourself that you will succeed. These visualizations can be incredibly powerful, and they will keep you feeling energized as you rise to the challenge each day.
(6) Start As Soon As Possible :
           Finally, it’s all too easy to decide you’ll start eating healthy foods tomorrow or devote more time to your hobbies once this month’s work project is over. Don’t bargain with yourself and start working to meet your goal today.

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