7 Tips for Better Website Design

7 Tips for Better Website Design

Looking at modern trade, web technology is progressing in accordance with the trend and market demand. When that time arrives, how do you make your website great and more professional than others?

Planning a website design is something that is exciting and challenging.

1. Mobile technology

Advanced mobile technology has changed the world scenario. Almost larger than 50% of Internet users shift to using mobile devices. Is a wise thing to think versatility your web to mobile devices such as a tablet, smartphones and may smart watch which recently started. So the effect of the application of this fact, to make Google the biggest search engine friendly mobile as one factor in search engine rankings.

2.Clean design

We often see, various websites filled with ads, pop-ups or restriction to download certain programs. In addition to making entrance becomes severe, it also makes the user to immediately go out of your site. And try to clean from things that are less neat as improper design.

3.Easy Read Text

Text content is an important factor in your design because it is a medium of knowledge between you and the user. Choose the type of font that is simple to read and does not distract the reader. Make sure the right color selection, the wrong colors can cause eye pain in people who read it. small text size may maintain the page, but it will be difficult for the user to read, consider using the proper size in your design.

4. Page Speed

This is an important factor for the user, the slow loading web will make the user to immediately switch to a competitor’s website. Although now speed internet connection accelerated, but this does not guarantee the speed of the website is also increasing quickly. Use pictures or video that has a least in size that is easy to load.

5.Good Navigation

Good navigation is very important because user interaction starts from here. Place the navigation key buttons with clear, simply understandable and responsive. Button that easily permits users to navigate web pages and find what they are looking for. Place the navigation flow directly and not rotating axis.

6. Spelling and Grammar

Some people have no patience in matters of grammar and spelling. They can be very irritating to send hundreds of emails complaining about the error. further, check grammar and spelling in the article and in the structure of the web page to make your site more qualified

7. Broken Links

Avoid Broken links, this being an evidence of whether this website is maintained by professional or not. This became a bad experience for the user when they struck step in a stalemate. Re-check every link on the website, and make sure none of the dead links.