1. SMILE :- This is the essential important point to any communication in the professional world as in everyday life.
2. BE SHORT :- All recruiters will ask you to summarize your profile and experiences. Present your point briefly and in relation to the proposed position.Your ability to describe your own profile make huge part in interview.

3. START FROM THE BEGINNING :- Speak about your initial education, it is a small but important point. Then talk about your experience from past to present.
4. EXPLAIN YOUR CHOICES :- Why you chose your university education, your first job. For each change, explain “why you left” and “why you chose your new employer”.Tell perfectly the reason behind changing the job.

5. SPEAK OPENLY :- About what you have gained from each experience, project, both personally and professionally.
6. BE SPECIFIC :- About what motivates you. The situations, products, environments, personalities, etc. And explain why.
7. UNDERSTAND :- About the position that is to be filled. Ask the key questions in the first interview. Ask the more detailed questions in the following interviews.
8. BE NATURAL AND SINCERE :- Be natural and sincere during the interview Smile again, this is the end of the interview..!