• The longest slumber ever! A snail can sleep for three years, at a stretch. 

  • Recycling! A housefly regurgitates the food it eats and then eats it again! 
  • Here is some news for the left-handed people ‘they are not the only ones, as all polar bears are left-handed. 
  • An ostrich’s brain is smaller than its eye. 

  • The taste buds of a butterfly are in its feet. 
  • Place a black light over a cat’s urine and watch it glow! 
  • Dogs and cats are either right or left-pawed! 
  • While human fingerprints are a means of their identification; the nose prints are a means of identifying dogs. 
  • A chicken can fly for more than 13 seconds at a stretch. 
  • The butterfly was originally known as the ‘flutterby.’ 
  • The donkey’s eye placement helps it see all its four feet at a time. 
  • All the termites of the world outweigh the human beings of the world. The ratio is 10:1! 
  • The chow is the only dog that does not have a pink tongue.


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