What is Group Discussion – Tips for Group Discussion

Tips to remember before Group Discussion

Group discussion is the important stages of a selection process in some corporations interview. Sometimes it’s really important to know that how to break any group discussion but there are more significant to know that which mistake should avoid while group discussion.

What is a Group Discussion?

As per the name of it, self-suggest that group discussion points in an interview are a way to discuss certainly given topic among a group of people. The aim is to get many ideas on a topic and get different viewpoints. A group of people is given a topic and a few minutes of time to think about it. Usually, one person leads and begins the discussion. Rest of the people then engage in the discussion with their points. In the end, a conclusion is made.

Various Types of Group Discussions (GD)

Factual Generic

=>> These topics are the main frame to know the particular person’s interpersonal skill and ability to discuss. They test you more on interpersonal skills and performance, rather than discrete sectoral information.


Cricket and India etc.
Issues of achieving diversity in a country like India.

Factual Specific

=>> These topics assess you on specific challenges in gathering and analyzing knowledge on select areas.


WTO and its impact on the Indian Market.
The Jasmine revolution and suggestions for the Arab world.

Abstract: List of Group Discussion Questions

Such topics are based on your perception.


Pigs can fly
People are judged on the following in a Group Discussion:
Communication Skills
Thinking ability
Team Work

=:  Why Group Discussion is important:

Group Discussion is a good way to decide someone`s abilities in a short spread.

=>> Point to Know while Group Discussion: 

-> Leading in spite of not being aware of the given topic –

Leading is a good value but it is like putting your own foot on the ax if you have no information about the topic. It is better to let someone start and take some hint from there and then participate. Usually, it happens when it is topic where technical knowledge is required or if topic is on Games and you have no information about it what so ever.

-> Doubt –

As is leading harmful if you are clueless about the topic, similarly it is wrong to stop yourself if you have a strong point to make. So go ahead and put your point across confidently.

-> Avoiding eye contact –

It is very important to keep eye contact with the group members (Not with the Panel) while you are part of the Discussion.

-> Don’t deny your own points –

It is important to hold to one train of thought. If you keep moving from one direction to another during a Group Discussion, it will not be seen as a good move.

-> Blindly imitating others or the herd –

Instead of following a particular group or thought just because it is the popular idea, it is better to have your personal ideas.

-> Avoid the Confusion –

One will be heard only when at one time only one person is expressing. If everybody starts speaking at once, no one will be heard.

These are some of the points worth keeping in mind while you take part in the Group Discussion.