There are many companies in India which developing mobile instruments. Here I have mentioned top  leading companies currently in India.

(1) Samsung (

Corporate office – Suwon, South Korea 

Establishment – 1977

Business – Electronics Products

              Samsung is a one of the best telecommunications companies which manufactures mobiles and other mobile devices such as laptop computers, MP3 players, telecommunication network infrastructure etc.

(2) Nokia (

Corporate office – Espoo, Finland

Establishment – 1865

Business – Mobile

             Nokia has been a dominating the Indian market for past 10 years. It has software collabration with giant microsoft and microsoft may take over Nokia’s global business very soon.


(3) Apple (


Corporate office – Cupertino, CA, United States of America

Establishment – 1976

Business – Telecommunications

                       Apple is a US company which was founded in the year 1976 with its headquarters at Cupertino, California. Apple is a world’s second largest electronics company. Company achieved popularity after it’s innovative iPad, iPhone  products. They develop and design computer s/w,personal computers and consumer electronics.

(4) Micromax (


Corporate office – Gurgaon, Haryana

Establishment – 1999

Business – Mobile and electronics products

                       Micromax is an Indian brand recognized globally for its innovative products at affordable prices. Company’s product range includes QWERTY to dual-SIM phones, touch-enabled smart phones and 3G Android Smartphone’s.

(5) Karbon (

Corporate office – Bangalore, Noida

Establishment – 2009

Business – Mobile and electronics products

(6) Sony (

Corporate office – Tokyo, Japan

Establishment – 2001

Business – Electronics products


                       Sony india is a Subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. Its innovative product range consistes of game, communications, audio, smartphone and tablet etc

(7) Blackberry (

Corporate office – Waterloo, ON, Canada 

Establishment – 1984

Business – Telecommunications 

                         Blackberry is a Canadian telecommunication company released their first device in 1999 and is the sixth most popular mobile device maker in the world also . A Blackberry can perform many complex functions such as video shooting, photos, music as well as web browsing and emailing and also supports variety of instant messaging features.


(8) HTC (

Corporate office – New Taipei City, 

Establishment – 1997

Business – Telecommunications

HTC is a leading telecommunications company manufacturing electronic devices such as touchscreen phones, mobiles, PDAs having based on Windows Mobile OS and Android.

(9) LG (

Corporate office – Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Establishment – 1958

Business – Telecommunications and electronics product

                                   A Korean company having expertise in five sectors Home Entertainment, Air Conditioning, Home Appliances, Energy Solutions and Mobiles. It is among the best mobile company in India and world’s fifth largest mobile phone manufacture.



(10)Spice (

Corporate office – Mohali, India

Establishment – 1997

Business – Telecommunication