Here are 10 different ways to be happy or at least help someone be happy all the time.

Building a strong social circle Consider it a need of our brain to meet new people or even the old one and to talk to them, the second stage is to meet new people and connecting with others making a small social cloud.
So one must make new friends or stay connected with the old ones to lead a happy life.

Showing gratitude : The act of showing gratitude is when you accept that the other person has done something nice for you or beneficial for you in any way. You must respect that, appreciate that and praise that person by practicing gratitude. It is good for you as well as the person you thanked.
Optimism : The reality lies in the fact that most of us are not at all optimistic. To reach the level of optimism (that lies in the category of self-actualization) one must go through all the mentioned stages in other to realize what he has and thank God for them. The act of being satisfied with your living standards is really hard. Optimism requires a person to give up expectation from others, which is something beyond the average human level.
Wakening of inner conscious : Happy people have one big similarity, they are aware or their boundaries. This means that they know the difference between good and bad. Hence, a happy person would feel good while doing something nice and feel sad only when he is up to no good. This realization from our conscious helps us stay happy for we only end up doing good things. Do good feel good!
Stay busy : Keep yourself indulged in some activity don’t stay alone for too long. Not doing much also restricts the hormones that are released in your body to keep your mood light and perky. By staying busy, one doesn’t give time to their mind to generate negative thoughts. Stay busy, join clubs, go out to the park and live happily with people around you.
Don’t compare yourself with others : One of the biggest mistakes that one does is to compare their lifestyle with others. This is wrong on many levels because each one of us has their own living standard, their own problems and a different surrounding. Stop the comparison and learn to live a satisfied life happy with what you have.
Be organized : One is happy when he is living a good life, a life where he fulfills his responsibilities and comes up to expectations. This is achieved when you get done with you tasks and you can only complete your tasks when you have organized them according to their importance and not personal preferences. Be organized, set a schedule and make a time table. This is a golden rule.
Wear a smile : A beautiful aspect of the human mind is that it allows us to smile at good points in life. Wear a smile all the time or at least try to smile all the time. At many times, just smiling makes you laugh and laughing lead to happiness. People like talking to someone who is happy and smiles at them rather than a frowning dull personality.
Spend on others : Exchanging gifts only increases the amount of love one has for the other. Try spending on others, getting them gifts, even a small rose or a coffee without saying would do much. Seeing others happy only makes one feel good.
Avoid gossip: This would include a lot of things. Don’t talk behind someone’s back. Don’t discuss someone’s failure or inability with others and also, don’t conspire against anyone. This would only make you feel guilty later and set your mood off. Try not to gossip about others.

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